Craig Schmell

Craig Schmell is a 25-year veteran of Wall Street and a successful business owner in the fitness and food-service fields. He is a popular public speaker and advocate on addiction issues and a dedicated peer counselor. A graduate of Syracuse University and Touro Law Center, he lives in New Jersey and New York City with his two teenage daughters. These days, he almost never sneaks into anywhere he doesn't belong.

Singing on stage at the Grammys, getting high inside the Kremlin, driving in the U.S. president’s motorcade--young Craig had a world-class talent for talking his way into amazing places. Running wild, drinking hard, soaking up the pleasures of New York City. But when it all crashes down around him, he comes to see what’s really important in life. The Uninvited is Catch Me if You Can meets Forrest Gump for a whole new generation. An American coming-of-age story with cameos by the biggest stars of Hollywood and rock-’n’-roll. Funny, insightful and stunningly true. A message of hope that’s inspiring readers and changing lives.